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Comparison shopping is always the best thing to do for purchase decision making. Buying satellite TV is no different. So you may already known DIRECTV is the leading player in the Satellite TV field. DIRECTV and the other major satellite TV company are reliable companies serving millions of customers with top notch programming and services. A side-by-side comparison of DISH vs the other satellite TV company will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right Satellite TV provider for you and your family.

Free equipment and Free installation
Both DIRECTV and the other satellite TV company offers first-time new customers with a free satellite TV system that includes a satellite dish, receivers hooking up to 4 rooms, and remote controls. Both companies will dispatch a professional technician to customer’ house for free installation. Typical installation leading time is 1 to 7 days.

The other satellite TV company always advertises its “lowest all-digital prices nationwide” slogan in the media. The company offers 6 different tier of programming packages starting from $19.99 per month, while DIRECTV offers 5 major programming packages starting from $29.99 per month. So it seems the monthly package prices of DIRECTV packages are generally higher than the other company. However, keep in mind that DIRECTV usually provides more popular channels in its packages than its DISH counterparts. The other satellite TV company may offer a package for $19.99/month, but you won’t get popular channels such as ESPN, TNT, Diney, AMC and Bravo. So when you compare pricing of these two companies, you have to keep this factor in consideration.

The two satellite TV companies offers almost identical programming and channels towards customers. DIRECTV offers more sports and full-time HD channels that may be exclusive to DIRECTv, such as NFL Sunday Ticket. So you might not be able to find these channels on the other satellite TV company. The other company is better than DIRECTV in terms of ethnic channel offerings such as Latino, Chinese and Arabic programming.

Current Promotion
Both companies now offer great promotional incentives to first time new customers. DIR ECTV offers $408 OFF ($34 off per month for 1 year) when subscribing to the CHOICE package in addition to 3 months of HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime movie packages FREE . The other satellite TV company, on the other hand, offers $20 off per month for 1 year for its America’s Top 120 package.

Customer Satisfaction
Both companies have ranked higher than cable TV in customer satisfaction for eight years in a row according to the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index and JD Power & Associates surveys. DIRECTV scores a bit better than its major competitor, but not to a significant extent.

I hope the side-by-side comparison between DIRECTV vs The Other Satellite TV Comapny helps you decide which Satellite TV provider better fits your needs. Read more about DIRECTV vs The Other Satellite TV Company

As prices continue to fall on large HDTV’s, more and more homeowners are looking to hook up with the best HD content. So who offers the best HD programming in the US, cable, DIRECTV or the other satellite TV company?

It is easy to take cable off the table, because Satellite TV providers more national HD channels than any cable company in the US. This is because of the different delivery method employed by satellite and cable providers. Cable company must have the proper network structure in place before they can add a significant number of HD channels. While with DIRECT TV and the other satellite TV company, they can deliver as many HD channels as possible as long as they have enough satellite capacity available.

It’s a bit complicated when you compare DIRECTV to the other satellite TV company in terms of HD offering. Both comapnies claim they have the most HD channels in the US. So who is telling the truth? And who provides the best HD option? I will compare HD programming provided by DIRECTV and the other satellite TV company side-by-side in order to draw an unbiased conclusion here.

As the No.1 Satellite TV provider in the US, DIRECT TV currently offers over 170 National HD channels , as well as local channels in HD (where available). In comparison, the other satellite TV company offers around 200 national HD channels plus local HD channels (where available). It doesn’t necessarily mean the other satellite TV company beats DIRECTV because both companies pad their numbers by using pay per view, regional sports networks, and on-demand channels as cable TV does. In addition, the other satellite TV company count part-time HD channels in its HD channel line-up while DIRECTV doesn’t. However, almost all the important national HD channels are available on both Satellite TV platforms.

Both satellite TV companies offers HD package on top of the basic standard-definition programming package. You can get HD versions of all channels included in your standard-definition package. For example, if you get ESPN and TNT in your base package, then you’ll get ESPN HD and TNT HD as well.

So I hope you have a better understanding after I compare DIRECT TV to the other satellite TV company. Read more about DIRECTV HD vs The Other Satellite TV Company’s HD

DIRECTV High-Speed Internet Quick Overview 

The leading Satellite TV provider, DIRECTV, offers two different kinds of high-speed internet to bundle with its Satellite TV service. The first high-speed internet service that DIRECTV offer is the high-speed DSL internet service. DIRECTV partners with well-known Telco companies such as Verizon, Quest and others to offer Satellite TV and high-speed DSL internet bundle in selected areas. Recently, AT&T has joined the force with DIRECTV to offer Satellite TV, DSL and home phone bundling services in AT& T territories, which covers more than half of the United States. If you live in such areas, good for you.

High-speed DSL internet provides download speed up to 20 Mbps and costs much less than average cable bills. With high-speed internet, you can download files in a matter of seconds. You are able to get wireless modem/router options just as what you get via cable moderm, except that you pay an average of $20 less per month with DSL. For limited time, DIRECTV is now offering $120 rewards for its DSL high-speed internet service. Eligible customers can save $10/month for up to 1 year with mail-in rebate submission.

In some locations, DIRECTV may not be able to partner with a local company to offer DSL service. In this case, DIRECTV does offer another solution that is called high-speed satellite Internet service thanks to its partnership with WildBlue. This WildBlue internet service is available virtually anywhere in the US. With a download speed up to 1.5 Mbps, it boasts speeds that are 30 times faster than dial up, making it much easier to download music, video and pictures. The cost has been one of the biggest drawbacks of DIRECTV high-speed internet service in the past, but it is getting much cheaper now. You can choose a service plan starting from as low as $49.95 per month. And you don’t even need a phone line – that’s great for someone who just need cell phone instead of paying extra for home phone. Something different from DSL internet access: you do need another satellite dish installed in order to receive WildBlue Satellite high-speed internet.

DIRECTV Installers in California

Directv installer

Considering switching to Satellite TV? Are you looking for DIRECTV installers in California or elsewhere? Do you know that you have two different ways to have DIRECTV antenna and receiver installed at your home at no cost?

First, you can sign up with DIRECTV call centers directly. Just call DIRECTV toll free number, pick the right programming package and promotion and sign up over the phone. DIRECTV offers installation and customer service nationwide, no matter where you live in the US. You will be asked for your preferred installation date and a customer service representative will check the date availability for you over the phone. The installation process takes a couple of hours and you’ll need someone to stay at home at that time period in order to oversee the installation and signal testing. The typical installation waiting time is 1 to 10 days.

Or you can choose to sign up with a local DIRECTV retailer, who will take your order, and send a professional DIRECTV installer to your home for installation. These licensed installers are highly trained in the installation of satellite TV system. Your satellite installation technician will ground the dish in the right position in order to allow best satellite signal pick up. The typical installation leading time from reseller is 1 to 5 days.

DIRECTV Guide | DIRECTV Schedule

Are you searching for DIRECTV program schedule in order to see exactly which kinds of programming/shows DIRECTV has to offer?

DIRECTV has almost every channel that your local cable provider carries, plus tons of  movies, sports, news and more channels.

Click here to view the online DIRECTV program guide. You can set up your preferences with DIRECTV and your home zip code, in order to customize the programming guide.

DIRECTV schedule

Like what you’ve found? Order DIRECTV now and watch over 150 channels for just $29.99 per month for the whole year!