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DIRECTV HD vs The Other Satellite TV Company’s HD

Both DIRECTV and the other Satelltie TV company claim they have the most HD channels in the US. So who is telling the truth? And who provides the best HD option? Join us to compare the HD options provided by DIRECTV and the other satellite TV company in order to draw an unbiased conclusion.

DIRECTV HD: DIRECTV currently offers over 170 channels National HD, as well as local channels in HD (where available). HD channels are included for free in any DIRECTV standard-definition base package (FAMILY, Choice, Choice Extra, Choice Ultimate or Premier). In other words, you’ll automatically get HD versions of all channels included in your base package. For example, if you get ESPN in your base package, and you’ll get ESPN HD as well.

DIRECTV currently doesn’t offer all HD package alone. Customers need to get a base package first in order to add HD Access.

The other Satellite TV company’s HD: They currently offers over 200 channels channels. You can add $10/month HD Free for Life on top of any America’s Top packages. In other words, add $10/month HD onto any standard-definition base package you subscribe to, you’ll automatically get HD versions of all channels included in your base package. $10/mo. fee waived for life of current account with 24-month agreement and Credit Card AutoPay with Paperless Billing option.


The other satellite TV company seems to carry a few more HD channels than DIRECTV today. However, they include part-time channels that often broadcast one program for the day, while DIRECTV’s 170+ HD channels are all full-time HD channels. Currently, DIRECTV does offer the most full time HD channels in the nation.

I hope the above comparison between DIRECTV HD vs the other satellite TV company’s HD offering will help you make an informed decision when comes to shopping for HD services.