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Everything You Need to Know about Satellite TV & Satellite TV Providers

DIRECTV Internet Service

Cable led you to believe that you can only get high-speed internet via cable modem. This is not true! As a matter of fact, DIRECTV not only provides high-speed internet services, but offers two different kinds of internet services for you to choose from.

1. DSL:

DIRECTV partners with Telco providers such as Verizon and AT&T to offer fast, reliable and secure high-speed Internet service though DIRECTV. DIRECTV DSL high-speed internet can save you up to $30/month comparing to cable modem.

Now you are eligible for $180 off ($15/month for a full year) on your DIRECTV bill by bundling phone and Internet with DIRECTV.

DIRECTV DSL covers selected areas only.

Call 1-888-234-6792 to find out if your zip code is covered by DIRECTV DSL.

2. DIRECTV high-speed internet powered by WildBlue:

Forget dial-up and slow downloads. Partnered with WildBlue, DIRECTV can deliver high-speed Internet (up to 1.5Mbps) to virtually anywhere in the US. You don’t even need a phone line.

Call 1-888-234-6792 for more details!

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