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Everything You Need to Know about Satellite TV & Satellite TV Providers

DIRECTV Receivers & Antennas

The satellite TV equipment you’ll need to receive TV channels are a satellite TV dish antenna to capture the satellite signal, as well as satellite TV receiver to decode the signal and play the channels on your television.

You are eligible for NO EQUIPMENT TO BUY offer: Get free satellite equipment from DIRECTV as long as you are DIRECTV subscribers. If anytime you decide to cancel the service, you just need to send the satellite receivers back to DIRECTV (Postage paid by DIRECTV).

Most DIRECTV customers just need one dish antenna. A typical DIRECTV dish is 18″ round. If you need to receive HD programming, then you need a DIRECTV slimline dish instead in order to receive both HD and SD signals.

DIRECTV offers different types of satellite receivers to suit your programming needs.

1- Standard receiver


A standard DIRECTV receiver is recommend if you subscribe to standard-definition programming packages. It is a slim black box that looks like a VCR, with a size of 10″ Width x 2 Height x 7 Depth. With all DIRECTV receivers, you are able to look up the Electronic Programming Guide for shows up to 3 days in advance. You can also set up parental control and  ensure your children watch appropriate TV programming.

2- DVR (Digital Video Recording)

DIRECTV DVR is the next-generation of Tivo. Besides all the cool features provided by a  standard receiver, you can watch whatever you want on your own schedule with DVR. Schedule recording up to 100 hours of your favorite shows. Rewind and pause live TV, or fast forward to skip TV commercials while viewing recorded shows. Up to 200 hours DVR storage capacity.

3- HD receiver

You need a HD receiver to view the HD channels. With the advanced features of the DIRECTV HD Receiver, you’ll enjoy TV like never before. Enjoy the astounding HD clarity and color!



DIRECTV HD DVR provides all the cool features of HD receiver and DVR. Enjoy up to 1080p HD resolution. Record and watch your favorite shows in HD quality and more. Up to 400 hours DVR storage capacity. Instant access to over 7,000 shows and movies On Deman.

With DIRECTV’s award-winning Home Media Center HD DVR, you could record more shows at the same time of your own choice than with any other DVR in the industry. It lets you record ANY five shows, on ANY five channels, at the same time, ANY time. Up to 800 hours DVR storage capacity.

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