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Everything You Need to Know about Satellite TV & Satellite TV Providers

The Other Satellite TV Company’s Receivers & Dish Antennas

All you need to watch satellite television on your television, is to get a satellite TV dish antenna and receivers. You are eligible for No Equipment to Buy offer from this other satellite TV company as well: Get free satellite equipment up to 4 rooms as long as you stay with the company as a subscriber. If anytime you decide to cancel the service, you just need to send the satellite receivers back to the company. They will send you a empty package with prepaid postage. You pack the receivers and drop off to any postal office nearby.

Usually you just need one dish antenna. A standard Dish 500 antenna is 20″ round. If you need to receive HD programming, then you need a Dish1000 antenna instead in order to receive both HD and SD signals.

Same as DIRECTV, this other satellite TV company offers different types of satellite receivers to suit your programming needs.

DISH Network FREE Equipment

1- Standard Definition Receiver

You can use a Standard-Definition receiver to watch standard-definition programming on your TV. It is a slim black box that looks like a VCR. You are able to search the Electronic Programming Guide for shows up to 2 days. You can also set up parental control and ensure your children watch appropriate TV programming.

You can choose a standard-definition receiver for 1 TV, or a standard-definition receiver hooking up to 2 TVs. The latter receiver allows you to view different TV programming on 2 separate televisions. No need to fight over remote  controls!

2- DVR (Digital Video Recording)

With DISH DVR, you can watch your favorite TV shows the way you want, and whenever you want. Pause and replay live TV, record live TV, or pre-schedule recording up to 100 hours of TV shows. A monthly fee of $6 DVR fee applies.

3- HD receiver

You need a HD receiver in order to view the HD channels on your TV. With HD Receiver, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear HD picture and sound!


HD DVR provides all the cool features of HD receiver and DVR.