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Everything You Need to Know about Satellite TV & Satellite TV Providers

As prices continue to fall on large HDTV’s, more and more homeowners are looking to hook up with the best HD content. So who offers the best HD programming in the US, cable, DIRECTV or the other satellite TV company?

It is easy to take cable off the table, because Satellite TV providers more national HD channels than any cable company in the US. This is because of the different delivery method employed by satellite and cable providers. Cable company must have the proper network structure in place before they can add a significant number of HD channels. While with DIRECT TV and the other satellite TV company, they can deliver as many HD channels as possible as long as they have enough satellite capacity available.

It’s a bit complicated when you compare DIRECTV to the other satellite TV company in terms of HD offering. Both comapnies claim they have the most HD channels in the US. So who is telling the truth? And who provides the best HD option? I will compare HD programming provided by DIRECTV and the other satellite TV company side-by-side in order to draw an unbiased conclusion here.

As the No.1 Satellite TV provider in the US, DIRECT TV currently offers over 170 National HD channels , as well as local channels in HD (where available). In comparison, the other satellite TV company offers around 200 national HD channels plus local HD channels (where available). It doesn’t necessarily mean the other satellite TV company beats DIRECTV because both companies pad their numbers by using pay per view, regional sports networks, and on-demand channels as cable TV does. In addition, the other satellite TV company count part-time HD channels in its HD channel line-up while DIRECTV doesn’t. However, almost all the important national HD channels are available on both Satellite TV platforms.

Both satellite TV companies offers HD package on top of the basic standard-definition programming package. You can get HD versions of all channels included in your standard-definition package. For example, if you get ESPN and TNT in your base package, then you’ll get ESPN HD and TNT HD as well.

So I hope you have a better understanding after I compare DIRECT TV to the other satellite TV company. Read more about DIRECTV HD vs The Other Satellite TV Company’s HD

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