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Everything You Need to Know about Satellite TV & Satellite TV Providers

You must have seen lots of ads about Satellite television already. Today more and more customers have switched to Satellite TV for better picture quality, better channel line-up and more affordable pricing. The nation’s major Satellite TV providers have become the second and third largest paid-TV providers in the US, serving over 30 millions of subscribers.

So what is Satellite TV anyway, and how does Satellite TV work? Satellite TV is a television system that delivers TV programming directly to a viewer’s house via Satellite. The Satellite TV provider operates a broadcast center where programming signals from TV Networks are decoded and sent off to a communication satellite up in the sky. The satellite captures the signals and beams them back down to the earth, where they are picked up by the satellite TV dish. The Satellite dish is a curve antenna ranging from 18″ to 20″ round, so it can focus the signal on the feed horn that sits in front of the dish. The satellite dish will convert the signal back to programming via a Satellite receiver and sends the decoded programming to the TV at your home. The satellite receiver, also known as set-top box, is an electronic box that looks like a VCR. The TV signal is decoded and converted into video and audio. As a result, the TV programming will be displayed on the TV screen that is hooked to the receiver.

Thanks to the nature of Satellite TV technology, you will be able to get 100% digital quality video and audio channels, with better picture and sound quality than cable TV. Even digital cable couldn’t provide 100% digital channels as of today. In addition, Satellite TV can provide much more Standard-definition and High-definition channels than cable TV, because of band-width issue. So to sum up, Satellite TV is currently the best method to get the TV entertainment at your home. It beats cable companies hands down – offering more HD channels, better pricing, better picture and better customer service.

I hope the explanation above will help you better understand how does Satellite TV work.

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