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Everything You Need to Know about Satellite TV & Satellite TV Providers

Reseller of Satellite TV is also known as Satellite TV retailer or Satellite TV dealer. Satellite TV providers led by DIRECTV have a strong network of Satellite TV reseller in the US.

Take DIRECTV for example: DIRECTV has two different sales channels: Direct Sales and Retail Sales. DIRECTV operates dozens of call centers that take both direct sales and customer service calls. Customers who sign up with DIRECTV call centers will get installation and customer service directly from DIRECTV’s own call centers and technician team. On the retail sales part, there are about 4000 authorized Satellite TV resellers working for DIRECTV. Most retailers own a local store front and serve customers living in their territories (nearby areas). These resellers take customers orders, perform installation and account activation, take care of customer service and tech support on half of DIRECTV. Customers typically get quicker and better installation service from these resellers.

Among these 4000 DIRECTV resellers, there are a few top-tier resellers that are known as Order-Entry Partners. This type of resellers have lager operations and can perform installation nationwide. They take customer orders and schedule installation appointments. Then DIRECTV will step in and do the rest, including installation, customer service and technical support. Customers enjoy the same installation and customer service from DIRECTV, just like they sign up with DIRECTV call centers directly.

DIRECTV releases its corporate promotions for all new customers twice a year, no matter they order from DIRECTV call centers or resellers. All first-time customers, as long as they order DIRECTV, will be eligible for this type of corporate promotional offers. However, satellite TV resellers usually offer something extra on their own, such as gift card and small consumer electronics, in order to attract customers to sign up from them.

Although most resellers are honest, and try their best to serve customers, you should pay attention when reading offer details especially fine print (disclaimer) part. Due to the recent rise in popularity of satellite TV, there are a few resellers promises you with the best deals, best service, and everything else. But after you sign up with them, you might end up with sloppy installation, hidden service fees and poor customer service later on.

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