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Everything You Need to Know about Satellite TV & Satellite TV Providers

What is Satellite TV HD Box? It is actually referring to the HD receiver offered by the satellite TV companies. If you have HDTV at home, then you need a Satellite TV HD receiver in order to play HD channels on your TV. All Satellite TV’s HD receivers include on-screen Electronic Programming Guide and Parental Control locks, so you can restrict the TV programs your children watch.

HD Receiver
There are different types of Satellite TV HD Boxes offered on the market: Standard Solo or Duo HD receiver, HD Solo DVR and HD Duo DVR. A standard Satellite TV HD Box is the entry-level Satellite TV HD receiver. There are two different popular models of standard Satellite TV HD Box. HD Solo receiver (model: ViP 211K) allows you to enjoy the crystal-clear HD picture and sound on one TV. Satellite TV company’s easy-to-use Electronic Programming guide allows you to access to programming listings and information, so you can easily see what’s on each channel now and later. HD Duo receiver (model: ViP 222K) can hook up to 2 TV units, which means you can enjoy different HD channels on two independent TVs at your home.

HD Solo DVR (Digital-Video-Recorder) is a step up from the standard Satellite TV HD Box. With Satellite TV HD DVR receiver (popular model: ViP 612), you can watch a live program on one TV while recording another show at the same time. Besides enjoying the best picture and sound quality from Satellite HD channels, you can get all the cool features from DVR: pause, rewind and record live TV. Record all the episodes of your favorite show with the push of a button. And you can search the on-screen Electronic Programming Guide up to 9 days in advance.

HD Duo DVR (Model ViP 722K) is the higher-end receiver among all satellite TV HD receivers. The major difference between HD Solo DVR and HD Duo DVR is the latter model can hook up to 2 HDTVs, so that you can watch different TV shows on two TVs at the same time. No need to fight over remote control any more. In addition, HD Duo DVR has a larger hard drive, so you can record and store more of your favorite shows into the receiver.

I hope the quick overview of satellite TV HD Receivers above help you get a better idea of satellite HD equipment offering.

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